Thursday, 21 February 2019



12 Free legal documents for Startups


There are now thousands of free legal documents to search and download for free, in one place. These templates will not replace your lawyer or attorney, but would certainly help you be proactive in protecting your assets and limiting the risk to be screwed. Jcccam found some examples of documents you can can download from Docracy:
1. Founder Collaboration Agreement
2. Founders’ Equity Agreement
3. Founder Advisor Standard Template
4. Convertible Note Term Sheet (Template)
5. Techstars Series AA Term Sheet
6. Employee Proprietary Information And Inventions Agreement
7. Common Stock Purchase Agreement (with Vesting)
8. Group Voting Agreement
9. DuckDuckGo Privacy Policy
10. Generic shortform NDA
11. Employee Agreement
12. 10 Useful Legal Documents for Designers By Michèle Anyoung

Par Pierre Marc


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